Asbury Academy



To inform, instruct, and inspire individuals to improve discipleship and enhance citizenship.


To become a professional training academy where each member of our community can be equipped and empowered.


To offer ongoing sacred and secular education relevant to our community. Goal: The Goal of the Asbury Academy is to create a culture of professional educational offerings, so as to empower people with information to improve their lives.


The Asbury Academy will consolidate and coordinate the church’s teaching ministry. The Academy makes uniform Asbury’s teaching ministry, so that we improve the learning environment, as well as the capability of Asbury to educate and inspire.


The Academy selects, designs, and develops curricula to be taught. Running on a semester system (similar to a University) with Summer offerings, the Academy supports Instructors through training and resourcing, as well as provide evaluations of Instructors and Courses offered in the Academy. Classes offered by the Academy are published in the Academy’s Catalogue, along with Registration periods for classes being offered.


The Academy is divided into three main Schools: School of Covenant Family & Special EventsThe School of Sacred Education; andThe School of Secular Education.

The School of Covenant Family focuses on Covenant Family education and special one-time educational events like Vacation Bible School, or a one-day Leadership Course.
The School of Sacred Education focuses on Bible-based classes like Sunday School and weekday bible studies.
The School of Secular Education focuses on “non-biblical” courses like GED, computer classes, Financial Management, Adult Education, etc.


The Academy is headed by a leadership team of four persons—A Dean and 3 Associate Deans. Each of the 3 Associate Deans will be responsible for one of the Schools that make up the Academy.


The complete list of courses taught in the Academy each semester will be determined by the Academy through its leadership, instructors, and others who desire to partake in this process—either by invitation or through volunteerism. The Academy reserves the right to add or subtract from its course list as deemed necessary. Courses offered will reflect the Academy’s vision and mission, and its desire to serve the community.


While courses in the School of Sacred Education are generally free to all attendees, the Academy will determine what—if any—fees will be charged for courses offered in the School of Secular Education. Costs will depend on the course, its duration, and other factors that may affect the operation of the Academy. The goal is to run the Academy in such a way that it is not only self-sustaining but maintains quality instructional programs.

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