Asbury Media Workshop


During these two weekend workshops, we will be focusing on a few interesting topics, where we bring together the various concepts and competencies that define what it is to be literate in today’s complex media culture. Here we explore digital literacy and media literacy and their underlying aspects and principles.

During the first weekend, we will overview the fundamentals and principles of the various things that fall under the digital literacy umbrella. We will explore the different digital mediums to convey a message, various digital issues we face today, and the benefits of using digital media.

During the second weekend of the workshop, we will overview the principles of media in general. Some of these things include diversity in Media, Marketing and consumerism, Body Image, and Gender Representation. We will be going through several activities that will bring application to everything overviewed. 

This two-weekend workshop will give you an awareness of the media and it’s advancement as well as innovation and inspiration to go out and convey your personal message in our society through media

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