School Sharpener



School Sharpener is an after school program managed in partnership by Jefferson County Schools and Asbury Church UMC in Shepherdstown, WV. We provide a safe environment for elementary and middle school students after school to receive help with homework.

Our Program Focuses On Four Major Components.

1. Nutrition

A nutritious snack will be provided to all students when they arrive to the School Sharpener. We recognize that students have been at school all day and may need a light snack before they arrive home for dinner in the evening. The snacks that we provide fall within the recommended guidelines provided by the Department of Education.

2. Homework

Our students will receive homework assistance from mentors and volunteers. Additionally, all students will be expected to read for at least 15 minutes each day while at the School Sharpener. If a student needs special help or one on one educating in a specific area, we will seek additional resources for the student.

3. Enrichment/Projects

During enrichment time students will participate in a supplemental educational activities, arts and crafts or other projects. This time will be utilized to further stimulate the student’s minds and encourage growth in several areas of interest.

4. Recreation/Games

All students will have a certain amount of time designated each day for recreation after homework and enrichment is completed. Recreation will include indoor and outdoor games as well as the use of board games. All mentors will determine recreation activities for their particular group.

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