At Asbury, we are interested in hearing from you. We want to hear your personal story. So, please share your story about faith, courage, love, joy, success, pain, or any topic you want to talk about. Personal stories often provide a sense of direction and camaraderie. One way to realize God’s presence in our lives is by listening to the stories of others. We always have a lot of stories to tell, this blog is about You. We want your complete story. So,please consider sharing your story and allowing us to post it. Tell us how God is working in your life or how God is working through you to make Him known.




Kimberly White ~ I have been attending Asbury for 1 year and have never felt such love and kindness in a church before. Pastor B and his wife are beautiful, humble people and Pastor B is an excellent teacher. I am so grateful to God that He directed my path to this church and its family. To God be the glory! 



Nancy Branson~ Asbury Church has been such a blessing to me. I love the people, the pastors and the services. I love the community that I built here and the relationships that I have developed. So grateful that God placed me in this church!



Eddie Olson~ Being at Asbury has been an amazing experience to me. I especially am excited about the young adults ministry and how much it has grown so far. I am grateful to be apart of this church. I have definitely grown from being here.

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