Study Groups Virtual Experiences

All small groups will be meeting via Conference Call at the same weekly times that they would hold their group meetings!

The times that you meet have not changed but the way you meet have temporarily changed. Be Sure to dial-in for a Small Group on Sunday!!! Times and options are below: 

At Asbury, we are committed to being faithful stewards of all that God has entrusted to us. This compels us to exemplify four pillars of good membership.


A powerful youth group centered around growth, development and friendship with other youth desiring to have a better relationship with Jesus! Currently studying ‘Jesus & Relationships’

Lead: Minister Louise Harrison

Seasoned Servers

If you want a place to go deeper and get rooted in sound doctrine, this is the class for you. A group who are well seasoned led by and great teacher and facilitator. Currently studying bible basics filled with an array of how to have a stronger walk with God regarding the truth of scripture.

Lead: Minister Clarence Branson 

  • Time: 9:00am (Sunday) 
  • Dial-in: 425-436-6308
  • Access Code: 281933# 

Couple’s Enrichment

Taught and led by an awesome couple who have been married for over 42 years filled with love fire and compassion. If you are loving to add fire to your marriage, you should think this class with the Boomer’s. Currently studying Kingdom Marriage by Dr. Tony Evans. 

Lead: Pastor Pam Boomer 

  • Time: 8:30am (Sunday) 
  • Dial-in: 712-451-0203 
  • Access Code: 683862# 

Adult Life Bible Study

With the hustle of weekly living, every adult needs time to calm and feed the soul with rich substance from the word of God. Adult Life Bible Study is the place to do it. Currently studying the fundamentals of the faith with a resource called Basic Transformation.

Lead: Lynn Myers 

  • Time: 8:00am (Sunday) 
  • Dial-in: 425-436-6303 
  • Access Code: 894175# 

For Ladies Only (FLO)

FLO Women's Study is the place that every woman needs to know about. With a solid lead and teacher, many woman are being blessed while they engage and help each others grow in faith! Currently studying ‘Your Spiritual Authority’ by Charles Capps. 
Lead: Everane Bropleh

Midweek Mingle

Want a diverse, inclusive group that serves everyone? Midweek Mingle is the place which has a consistent teaching and foundation on doctrine that causes believers to advance into spiritual maturity led by Senior Pastor Rudy Bropleh. Currently Studying spiritual gifts.
Lead: Dr. Rudy Bropleh


Want a dynamic small group that is not afraid to talk about the things that every young adult needs help with? Well, here is a study that will be a one-stop shop for all young adults. Led by Pastor Adam, many young adults have found friendship and fast spiritual growth. Currently studying Core Elements of Discipleship! 
Lead: Pastor Adam

    House to heart disciples

    A Tuesday evening group that has the ability to build quality believers based on the fundamentals of the faith. Led by a group of advanced believers, you are sure to find interesting study that builds you level of impact as a child of God! Currently studying Core Elements of Discipleship with a resource calledFollowing Jesus’ by Tommy C. Higle.
    Lead: Minister Kenneth Carr
    • Time: 6:30 - 8:00pm(Tuesdays)
    • Dial-in: 425-436-6373
    • Access Code: 765580#


    Man Power is where every man can find true power. Every study goes deeper and deeper into what it means to be a real man of God! Clarifying the myths and ideas surrounding what God has to say about men. Currently studying ‘Kingdom Man’ by Dr. Tony Evans. 
    Lead: Minister Vernon
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